Anonymous asked:
Ps we know eachother very well but I'll stay on anon

If I know you very well you should ask me things in person you crazy

Anonymous asked:
Why aren't you dating anybody

Idk wanna date?

Anonymous asked:
Are you ok? -xx anon

I’m decent

"There are mornings when I manage to make it through my first cup of coffee before I think of you. And then there are others, when I wake up, breathless, from a dream I thought was real for a moment of infinity, and I swear, I can feel my skin tingling from your fingertips; but my bed, my bed is empty. And there are days when only moments make me miss you, only the almost-perfect minutes. And then there are those days when you are in everything, in every-single-thing I write, or read, in every thought I think, days when you are as permanent as my heartbeat. And evenings, the goddamned evenings. Sometimes I fall asleep before my mind gets a chance to wander. And other times, it’s 4am and I’m still awake, going over the details in my head, replaying memories like a bad movie. It used to be black and white, but now, now it’s all shades of gray - we both made too many mistakes and it’s no longer silent, no, now there are voices pointing out the errors of our ways. And I try to stay awake, because I’d rather listen to them than dream of you, because the dreams always end the same way - I reach for your hand and my hand glides through the empty bed. And my fingertips tingle."

m.v., Your days. (via findingwordsforthoughts)

I know I’m a idiot but that really hurt

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